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International Produce Group LLC (IPG) was established in 2002. IPG handles a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide.

President Angelo Dovolis and his key people have worked together as a team for 25+ years specializing in the export of fresh produce. Their combined experience and expertise firmly establish them as an industry leader.

IPG currently handles a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits which include lettuce, celery, potatoes, onions, broccoli, citrus, soft fruit, cherries, apples and grapes. In fact, IPG is one of the largest exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide.

IPG has a full team of company-employed inspectors who specialize in each commodity. They are in the fields, orchards and packinghouses everyday helping us to select the best quality produce for our customers. At IPG we take a proactive approach to our business by providing our buyers with day to day supply, quality and market conditions so that we may better serve them. Our inspectors work very closely with our account managers keeping our customers well informed.

One of IPG's key strengths lay in a profound desire to develop long-lasting partnerships with customers worldwide by best serving their unique needs. IPG listens carefully to each customer, striving to learn their market, being sensitive to market trends and working diligently to fill buyers' needs in a creative way, giving them an edge in the market to enable them to develop and grow their business in a profitable way.

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