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The Italian pear sector is struggling. Despite the relatively limited volumes available, prices remain low. The sector is experiencing quality problems in both Spain and the Netherlands. In France, consumption is lagging behind, while European pears are selling quickly on the German market. In Australia, exports have increased by no less than 75% last year. In the US, the domestic production is expected to last until June, at which time the market will switch to exports. Chinese traders are exporting…

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Indian apple imports take a hit


Trade relations with the US and China are the source of conjecture within India’s apple import market A cloud of uncertainty continues to hover over India’s apple import trade. Diplomatic relations with two key trading partners are at the heart of the conjecture, with an ongoing ban on Chinese apple imports having the most profound impact to date.   Hopes for a swift end to the China impasse were dashed over 2018, which is likely to result in a substantial decline…

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China: First imports of Royal Rhino Lane Late navel oranges


A great number of orange varieties are currently on the market and many different orange production areas are in the middle of their supply season. Comparatively speaking, the Orah mandarins and Baba tangerines are the most popular varieties in the citrus market. Traders are also quite happy with the market conditions for imported oranges.   Don Lu, the International Commerce Manager of Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd. commented on the citrus market: "Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit is a large-scale international fruit…

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“Dirty Dozen” list is inaccurate and harmful according to USApple


The U.S. Apple Association (USApple) is calling the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list, released today, both “inaccurate” and “harmful” to Americans. The report, issued annually, offers consumers an extremely biased view of various fruits and vegetables to avoid based on misleading and flawed reporting by the activist group.   “Mom was almost always right, especially when she taught us to eat our fruits and vegetables,” said USApple President and CEO Jim Bair. “With so much diet and wellness advice…

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Rain in California


A wet winter and plenty of rain have changed the landscape of California. The latest Drought Monitor shows it is free of drought for the first time in more than seven years. Officials estimate more than 93-percent of California is free of drought or dryness. They say only an area along the Oregon border in parts of four southern counties still have an issue.   At the beginning of the year, more than 75 percent of the state was at…

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