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Quality & Outlook Report

Quality & Outlook Report

WEEK 42 Harvest Photos
As reported by Anselmo Alcantar - 10/17/2014


Overall volume is moderate to good. Quality is average to occasional good in Salinas and average to poor in Santa Maria. Quality defects in Salinas include pin rot, mishapen, slightly branchy with pale edges and occasional hollow core; in Santa Maria broccoli has severe hollow core and brown bead. Export quality is moderate to limited overall.


Celery volume is good to very good. Quality continues good as well. Color is green to occasionally light green (especially on smaller sizes). All sizes are available in good quality. Weights on standard carton are 60-62 pounds.


Onions are shipping from Washington in very good quality for export. They are well cured bringing out nice copper color in the paper. No defects are found, no doubles, no bruising, no dirt or mildew. Excellent export quality.


Radicchio quality is good and yields and volume are good. Harvest is on schedule and product is heavy with nice quality. No gaps in production are anticipated for the balance of the Watsonville season through the end of October. We are on schedule to start in Le Grand when Watsonville finishes (with no gap).

Romaine, Hearts & Leaf

Volume is good to moderate at times. Quality is average to occasionally good. The main defects include misshapen (bulb shaped at base), ribbiness and twisted ribs and incidence of Sclerotinia (disease) in some fields. Some limited export is available in good quality.