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Quality & Outlook Report

Quality & Outlook Report

Warm Temps Affect Quality and Yields
As reported by Anselmo Alcantar - 8/11/2014

Quality and yields are affected by the warm temperatures recently.

Weather forecast is for continued moderate to warm temperatures daytime, but slightly cooler nights. Though the past few nights have been warm. These 24 hour warm temperatures and humidity are causing the most damage. It is usual for the northern end of Salinas Valley to be humid this time of year due to fog, but usually cools down at night and warms up in the day to give the product a chance to dry out. That has not been the case recently.

Lettuce - Iceberg

Growers' yields are lower due to poor quality on iceberg. We are seeing high incidence of tip burn, mildew and heavy insect damage. Good export quality is limited. Good quality is not available for contract loads at this time.


Acreage is reduced this time of year and the quality issues we are facing are creating even less volume overall and an extreme shortage for export. One of the major defects we are seeing on Broccoli is hollow core:

Romaine, Hearts & Leaf

Romaine hearts are experiencing heat damage to some extent. They are showing twisted malformation and some tip burn but the growers we are working with are very careful and packing clean export quality. Hearts are more open and leafy green at this time of the year, which is normal.


This is one commodity that is holding up well under the weather conditions. Occasionally we see a yellow leaf, but we are keeping these out of the box.