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Quality & Outlook Report

Quality & Outlook Report

Week 35 Grape Update
As reported by Chris Connell - 8/27/2014

Weather continues to be hot and color is developing slowly on some varieties.The following grapes below are available now along with a brief update on each of them. Please contact us for prices, specific brands and detailed descriptions by variety.

It is important to note that the overall berry size on ALL varieties is slightly smaller and more mixed this season. The reason is partially due to the hot weather as well as our overall state wide water shortage.   

Red Seedless Grapes

Scarlet Royal – The Scarlet Royals have excellent color this season as well with solid firm berries.They are generally eating very well due to the high brix which is ranging from 22-26 depending on the growing area.  There is very little to no shatter showing on this variety so far. This is a great option for a red seedless with good availability. 

Crimson Seedless – There is decent availability on Crimson Seedless as well. Some packers are having problems with mixed color ranging from light to dark which is fairly typical of this variety. The hot days and warm nights are keeping some of this fruit from developing full color. The berry size on Crimson Seedless this season is slightly smaller compared to previous years. We are starting to a presence of shatter in some boxes. The average brix is 21-24 depending on the growing area.

Vintage – This newer variety of red seedless is still fairly limited in volume and availability compared to the other varieties of red seedless. There will be more fruit available next week but overall, this is still a small volume crop as most of the fruit planted is still not in production yet. The average brix right ranges from 21-22.

Timco – This is another nice variety of red seedless available now. This variety tends to produce a medium to dark colored berry. These eat very well and we are not seeing any noticeable signs of shatter. The brix is averaging 21-23 depending on the growing area.

Black Seedless Grapes

Autumn Royal – In general, the overall Autumn Royal crop is about 20% less in volume this season compared to last. Limited quantities are available as color is coming on slowly.  Note the picture below which shows you some of the mixed color on much of this fruit. Most packers are waiting for these to develop full black color before they pick. Labor is still short here in California and growers cannot justify using a picking crew to partially harvest a field when they have other varieties that are ready now. The brix is ranging from 19-24 depending on the growing area.

Green Seedless Grapes

Autumn Kings – This is one of last green seedless varieties available this season. Overall these have good berry size, good color and they eat well.The brix is averaging 18-19 depending on the growing area. So far, we are seeing little to no shatter on this variety.

Luisco - These are also a late season green seedless variety which are available now in limited volume. They are sweet and crunchy with a presence of shatter. At this time the brix is averaging 17 and this will continue to increase.  The higher the brix the more likely the berries will show signs of slight russetting which we refer to as sugar spots.  This is when they are at their sweetest

Thompson Seedless – There are still plenty of Thompson Seedless available but most of them are starting to show too much color (amber).  Due to the hot weather we have had earlier this month, we are now concerned about internal heat damage on arrival.The Thompson Seedless are eating like candy due to the high brix .We are starting to see some noticeable signs of shatter which is typical when seedless grapes have high brix levels.

Red Seeded Grapes

Red Globes – There is very good availability on this variety. The Red Globes still have firm and meaty berries. Overall, the berry size on Red Globes is slightly smaller this year and the packs tend to have more of a range in size. One notable comment is that the Red Globes are eating very well this season. The brix is averaging between 16-20 depending on the growing area.