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Quality & Outlook Report

Quality & Outlook Report

Broccoli Situation May Be Improving Soon
As reported by Anselmo Alcantar - 8/27/2014

Broccoli acreage is beginning to increase gradually. Growers tend to increase acreage later in the summer and into fall as demand usually picks up as families return from vacations and students return to school.


The slight increase in acreage planted for late summer and fall will help somewhat to relieve the market shortage we have been experiencing recently. Broccoli is also slowly acclimating and weather has been slightly cooler allowing quality to gradually begin to improve. We expect that we will have better volume and export quality available by the end of next week. Some defects this week still include knuckly appearnce, slight branching, some minor hollow core and slight discoloration (purpling) on the crown.


Celery has nice green color and good weights (63 pounds plus per carton). Good acreage is planted through November. There has been some rumor that there could be issues within the next few weeks created by the recent warm weather, but that remains to be seen.