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Drone Technology Detects 2 Tomato Diseases with 99% Accuracy


New technology being developed by University of Florida scientists identifies two dangerous tomato diseases with 99 percent accuracy. This finding is critical because diseases can cost growers millions of dollars annually in the state’s third most valuable crop. Thus, the earlier farmers detect those ailments, the better their chances of treating them before the diseases cause excessive damage. Normally, growers walk through their fields and look at their crops to try to find and identify the types of diseases that…

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Church Brothers Acquires Green Giant Fresh Value-added Line


Church Brothers Farms, Salinas, Calif., has acquired Green Giant Fresh’s value-added vegetable business from Growers Express. The purchase gives Church Brothers all of Growers Express’ fresh vegetable programs, according to a Church Brothers news release. Details of the transaction are not being disclosed. It includes Grower Express’ facility and equipment in Gonzales, Calif. A year ago, Church Brothers acquired the commodity vegetable business from Growers Express, with a licensing agreement to extend the Green Giant Fresh brand to new varieties…

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US Orange Production Up 1 Percent from Forecast


A recently released crop report put together by the USDA founds that the orange production in the United States is up 1 percent from the December forecast. The United States all orange forecast for the 2019-2020 season is 5.40 million tons, up 1 percent from the previous forecast and up 1 percent from the 2018-2019 final utilization. The Florida all orange forecast, at 74.0 million boxes (3.33 million tons), is unchanged from the previous forecast but up 3 percent from…

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US Navel Oranges Sold in Vietnam


Navel oranges out of California, the United States, have been officially sold in Vietnam, starting on January 11. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Jim Phillips, President and CEO of Sunkist Growers, the world’s most recognized citrus brand said, “We are very excited to bring our fresh and juicy navel oranges to Vietnam.” According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the import of US fresh fruits, before oranges, reached US$97 million in the first 10 months of 2019. This is…

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Japan Imports of U.S. Oranges Expected to Grow Modestly


The new U.S.-Japan trade agreement will deliver a tariff reduction and higher safeguard levels for U.S. orange shipments, and that should translate to a moderate increase in U.S. orange exports to Japan in 2020. In a new U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service report on Japanese citrus, the agency said overall citrus acreage in Japan continues to decline, influenced by decreasing consumption and an aging rural population. The report said 77% of Japanese fruit growers are reported to be…

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