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Ample Supplies Of California Celery


Supplies of celery out of California are strong. “There’s been a lot of celery around and certainly plenty enough for the holiday pull,” says John Chobanian of Ocean Mist based in Castroville, CA. “We’re going to be on the lighter side for the next two weeks and then we’re back to good numbers for winter planting.”Celery supplies currently come out of Castroville and will until December 3rd. Then supplies transition to Coachella, CA and will do so until March 15th.…

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Container Shortage Drives Up Leasing Rates And The Price Of New Equipment


The current global shortage of containers is strongly increasing the purchase price of new equipment and leasing rates. According to the latest container availability index developed by the Container xChange platform, which measures the availability of containers on a 0 to 1 scale where 0.5 marks the line between surplus and shortage, the current index for the 40HC containers is 0.04 in Los Angeles, and 0.22 in Shanghai. Nearly 35 million ocean containers are currently in use around the world…

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In Europe, the supply of tomatoes from the Netherlands and Belgium grown in unlighted plantations is declining. Imported tomatoes, such as those from Spain, where the acreage has been reduced again, are currently also reaching the market again, and there are also batches from Morocco and Turkey. In South Africa, many tomatoes have hit the market within a short period of time due to the weather conditions, which has put some pressure on prices. In North America, Florida is seeing…

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Smaller Crop But Bigger Washington Apples


Harvest is close to finishing on the Washington apple crop that is seeing a drop in overall volume this year. “However, the quality of our fruit is outstanding and we have been really pleased with the color, flavor and pressure of the fruit,” says George Harter, vice president of marketing for CMI Orchards based in Wenatchee, WA. “We expect good sizing which is paving the way for some great bulk fruit promotions this winter.” With the overall state volume being…

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Container Return Date Upheaval By The Numbers


U.S. agriculture and forest product exporters are counting the ways and dollars it costs them when ocean carriers without warning change the dates for container arrivals at marine terminals. The Washington-based Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) and supply chain technology firm TradeLanes recently reached out to hundreds of American shippers to survey the operational and financial impacts of earliest return date (ERD) fluctuations on their businesses. The AgTC and TradeLanes have analyzed and processed data collected from 283 survey respondents, which they said quantifies the…

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