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The global orange market is facing a number of challenges. South African oranges, and citrus fruits in general, are troubled by problems in the ports of Durban and Port Elizabeth. In Argentina, the frost has probably caused considerable damage. Spain also suffered from the weather this season and in Italy the Tristeza virus had some influence on the volume of oranges. The season is currently shifting from countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Spain and Italy to South America, South Africa…

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Challenging year for domestic orange production


Following a tricky season, supplies of California Navel oranges are wrapping up. “There are some California Navels still available on the market. But we finished last week. It was a pretty long season for us,” says Michael Chavez of Golden Star Citrus in Woodlake, Ca. Chavez says supplies of Navels began in mid-October and the season lasted longer than anticipated. “I thought I would be done at the end of May, maybe a week into June. But we went the…

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Cantaloupe season underway in California’s Central Valley


Growers in California's Central Valley have now begun their cantaloupe season, with volume slightly down at this stage. As with other commodities in the region, the late spring blast of cool temperatures and rain affected production of the melons. However, since the beginning of the season, more seasonable warm to hot conditions have prevailed, providing good conditions for cantaloupe growers. "We are now three weeks into our Central Valley cantaloupe season," said Tom Conrado of Classic Fruit Company. "After transitioning…

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Strong volumes of Washington blueberries anticipated


The Washington blueberry season started later this year due to generally cool conditions. Additionally, because of the lack of any real heat thus far, the season has fallen further behind, meaning that growers are only reaching their peak now. According to Ben Escoe of Twin River Berries - which supplies blueberries year-round - the situation is following a similar pattern as it did for the California season. "Our domestic Washington season started a week later than it did last year,"…

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Maine broccoli season starts next week


The Maine broccoli harvest is due to begin next week. Rain and cooler temperatures during the growing season has resulted in the crop being about ten days behind, according to growers. However, quality is looking good and volume is set to match the long term average. "We anticipate shipments for Maine broccoli starting the week of July 22 and producers will continue shipping through October," said Lauren Keenan of Fresh from the Start™. "Due to rain and cool temperatures in…

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