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Washington apple harvest moving on to mid-season varieties


A late bloom has delayed the Washington apple season. Although harvest is well underway, most varieties are reportedly running behind schedule in the order of 7 - 10 days. A cool spring is to blame for the delayed bloom and subsequent harvest. Currently, growers have just about wrapped up harvest of early season Galas and are about to start on some of the mid-season varieties. "We began picking a few early season apples like Gala and Honey Crisp in mid…

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Spain counts cost of devastating storms


Heavy storms in south-eastern Spain have caused extensive losses to fruit and vegetable production and severely damaged infrastructure across the region. Six people died and thousands had to be evacuated following last week’s gota fría (cold drop), the weather phenomenon which brings heavy rains during the autumn, which is believed to have been the most severe for more than 100 years. Grower unions are calling for the government to declare the worst affected areas a Catastrophic Zone. Although it is…

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US fruit farmers troubled by labor visa fight


As the apple harvest in Washington state is in full swing, increasingly orchard owners are worried if they can afford to pick all the ripe fruit. Growers like Rob Valicoff, owner of Valicoff Fruit Company which grows 680 ha of apples, peaches, cherries, apricots and pears, relies almost entirely on temporary foreign guest workers. Of his 220 employees this fall, 200 were brought in from Mexico through the H-2A Visa program. Valicoff calls the program expensive and inflexible, yet he’s…

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Chile Issues Drought Warning


Export growth “impossible” unless water situation eases, agriculture minister says The severe drought affecting several regions of Chile will affect fruit production in the coming season, according to Jorge Valenzuela, president of producer association Fedefruta. Speaking to El Diario de Cooperativa, Valenzuela said that the impact would vary according to the fruit and locality, he believed late season fruit would be particularly hit. “I believe that early fruit, such as early cherries, will not be so badly affected but we…

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US Misses Out on Hong Kong Growth


The growth of Hong Kong fresh fruit imports has benefitted most suppliers except for the US Hong Kong is a re-export hub for the fruit trade in China and may have presented backdoor for US fresh fruit exporters, but figures show the US-China trade war is having a significant effect on indirect trade. According to a USDA report, Hong Kong has seen growth in its fresh fruit market with the value total fruit imports in the first half of 2019…

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