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Rains threaten California Valley crops


The amount of incoming rain from the next Weather Maker, this late in the year, has the potential to damage crops in California’s Central Valley. The rain is set to start Wednesday night and impact the valley through Thursday. Meteorologists expect at least an inch of rain on the valley floor and two inches in the foothills. "Rain that falls on the ground right now isn't going to do much to irrigate our crops and it isn't going to do…

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Weather Report – May 14, 2019 – Rain Storms coming


GET READY FOR CHERRY PRICES TO SKYROCKET Two major storms and colder temperatures are lining up to hit San Joaquin Valley growing regions that have the possibility to take out the cherry crop and cause serious damage to the stonefruit crop. Starting Wednesday night into Thursday, a storm is anticipated to hit all growing regions up and down the SJ Valley dropping between .5” to 1” of rain over the two-day period. There is a second storm scheduled to hit…

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If there's one word that currently applies to the strawberry market, it is "recovery." There was an early start of the season which was not in line with the demand for strawberries, so the situation was dramatic. But with Mother's Day around the corner, and then the summer, the demand will pick up in the coming weeks. The prospect is that prices will rise because the demand is higher than the supply. The volumes of open ground strawberries are smaller…

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Cherry trees in full bloom in Canada


The Canadian cherry growing regions have reported that full blossom has occurred. It all started in South Okanagan on April 24th before moving up to North Okanagan on May 1st, followed by Creston Valley on May 5th. According to Global Fruit, conditions for the bloom have been ideal, although the season is expected to start a little later this year. "Based on the first round blossom estimates, we expect 700,000 of the 800,000 20lb equivalent cases to fall in August…

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Handful of Washington apple varieties still available


Washington apple growers are carefully controlling their storage crop to avoid any gaps in apple supplies before the new crop begins in August. “Lately more sheds have been opening controlled atmosphere (CA) rooms. And they have Red Delicious, Granny Smiths, Royal Galas and Golden Delicious available,” says Gerald Castro of Ag Grower Sales LLC in Wenatchee, WA. “There’s even still some Honeycrisps, Fujis and Pink Ladies available. It just depends on when sheds want to open their CA rooms.” This…

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