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We feel it’s very important to not only have a great understanding for our current market and country, but to maintain a worldly viewpoint and full understanding of all other markets and their effects on the fresh produce export/import industry. Please stay connected and informed through our news channel.

Celery Market Report


Celery market this week has escalated to mid-$50 level. Factors creating this high market include lighter plantings and weather. Growers reduced acreage a bit this year due to losses on celery in recent years. And then, the weather. In Florida they have had relatively minor affects from adverse weather, but where acreage was cut back slightly already, it has left those Florida growers with limited volume to cover contracts only. Historically, when weather hits the west coast hard, Florida can…

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Grapefruit Market


OVERVIEW GLOBAL GRAPEFRUIT MARKET Florida grapefruit, which is considered the best of its kind in many countries, is still available. Globally, however, traders lament that the total production volume is gradually falling each year, mostly as a result of citrus greening and the weather conditions. Most of the grapefruit currently on the market comes from Israel, Turkey and Spain, where the acreage is expanding. US: Good Florida grapefruit season lasting longer Even now that the Florida grapefruit season is about…

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Will Rains Cause Delay


Will the rains cause the Salinas season to be delayed? Persistent, heavy rainfall has stationed itself over California since January, especially along coastal areas. It has now come to a point where growers are starting to question if this will affect the start of the Salinas growing season for the major vegetable commodities. What is known is that a high market persists thanks to colder weather in the desert growing regions. "We are [currently] in an extremely high market on…

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Broccoli Production


Broccoli production might gap again before Salinas season Mixed weather patterns in both the Californian and Mexican growing regions have caused broccoli production to enter a gap. Growers say warm weather in Mexico bunched up production earlier. At the same time, California was being hit by a spell of cool and wet weather. This has resulted in the gap after production was delayed by both the slower growing conditions and impeded harvesting in California. "We are still in the middle…

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Orange Crop


California valencia orange crop on par with past season The U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting the California valencia orange crop at 19 million 40-pound cartons. The USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service, using data from its California branch, in cooperation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, released the estimate March 8. The 19-million carton estimate is the same as the final utilized production of valencias in the 2017-18 season, according to the report. The results are from the Valencia Orange Objective…

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