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San Joaquin Valley cherry farmers expect record harvest


If the weather continues to cooperate until harvest, next month, it could be a record year for San Joaquin Valley Cherry Farmers. However, farmers are concerned there may not be enough labor to get the cherries off the trees when harvest time does come around.   For cherry farmers like Jeff Ferrari, all eyes are on the weather after two seasons of unfavorable conditions. The trees are healthy, producing an unusual amount of fruit on the branches. With three more…

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Almost time for South African citrus exports to resume


The South African citrus season is just around the corner and Summer Citrus from South Africa is preparing for the first shipments which are due to begin at the end of May. South African fruit is likely to become available in the US from early to mid-June. In terms of citrus varieties, easy peelers will be the first available, followed closely by Navel oranges.   "Summer Citrus from South Africa will be arriving in early to mid-June, perfect timing as…

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Strawberry volume in Santa Maria increasing as Oxnard declines


California strawberry production continues its northerly track as Oxnard begins to see a decline in volume. At the same time, fields in Santa Maria are coming online with overall production increasing day by day. This means that California strawberry supplies are set to remain steady. However, suppliers say that fruit quality is declining out of Oxnard as the last of the season's fruit is harvested.   "After several weeks of strong production in Oxnard, California, overall pack-outs will begin to…

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California LGMA approves stricter water treatment rules


Members of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement have adopted new rules requiring them to sanitize “open source” used water for overhead irrigation following recent E. coli outbreaks that led investigators to suspect water as a cause. The new rules, which passed in an April 19 vote, cover 99% of the leafy greens grown in California, according the California LGMA. The LGMA will be scheduling workshops and seminars for growers and buyers to educate them on the changes, according to a blog post on the…

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Rollercoaster ride expected for cauliflower


Cauliflower supplies coming from California are moderate right now.   “The supplies are coming from Santa Maria and the Salinas districts,” says Bob R. Cordova of The VegBoss LLC in Orcutt, Ca. He adds that overall, cauliflower supplies are lower this year. “We all anticipated some pretty severe gaps and I think we have them in front of us,” says Cordova. “We went six to 10 days … on a few occasions, we just couldn’t get plants in the ground.”…

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