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“Millions of cardiovascular deaths attributed to not eating enough fruits and vegetables”


Preliminary findings from a new study reveal that inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption may account for millions of deaths from heart disease and strokes each year. The study estimated that roughly 1 in 7 cardiovascular deaths could be attributed to not eating enough fruit and 1 in 12 cardiovascular deaths could be attributed to not eating enough vegetables. Low fruit intake resulted in nearly 1.8 million cardiovascular deaths in 2010, while low vegetable intake resulted in 1 million deaths, according to…

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Apples and almonds included India increases tariffs on US exports


India is now imposing increased tariffs on 28 US products including apples, almonds and walnuts, a move seen as a retaliatory act. The tariffs on several US products have gone into effect on June 16, India's Finance Ministry said in a statement Saturday. The goods targeted include American apples -which will be hit with a 70% tariff- as well as almonds, lentils and several chemical products. India first announced plans to impose new tariffs a year ago in retaliation for…

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Most of the limes imported by Europe and North America come from Mexico and Brazil. Other Latin American countries also have production for export. In China, the fruit's production is expanding due to the growing domestic demand for the product. The supply is good and that is causing prices to drop here and there, since the demand for limes is lower than the supply. With the summer around the corner, traders expect the demand for the fruit to rise in…

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Produce companies squeezed by tight labor market


CHICAGO — Produce companies are competing for scarce talent in a tight economy, and that is translating to more generous benefits and higher compensation compared with a few years ago. Michael Becher, vice president of Industry Insights, spoke in a June 10 workshop about observations from the United Fresh Produce Association’s Compensation & Benefits Survey. The report, compiled with the responses from about 100 produce industry companies, is available for purchase on the United Fresh website. While Becher did not reveal…

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NW pear production set to drop, but still a ‘solid crop’


Northwest pear growers are estimating the 2019-20 fresh market crop will be 17.3 million 44-pound box equivalents, a drop of 9% from the previous harvest, and 6% the industry’s five-year average. The drop didn’t affect organic production, which at 10% of the overall crop, is seeing a 20% gain on last season’s production. The estimate, compiled at the Pear Bureau Northwest’s May 30 meeting in Portland, Ore., includes estimates from Washington’s Wenatchee and Yakima districts, and Oregon’s Mid-Columbia and Medford districts. Despite…

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