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Overview Global Cherry Market


The cherry campaign has started in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey, while countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy have already passed their peak. In North America, Washington (US) and British Columbia are also in production. One of the most important countries when it comes to cherry sales is China. Due to the trade war with the US, the country is looking for new import markets, such as Central Asia and Turkey. The market conditions are favorable for Dutch and…

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US: Lettuce prices soaring after June heatwave hit Salinas Valley


As romaine and iceberg lettuce crops grown in the Salinas Valley were destroyed by the mid-June heatwave, the prices of both have tripled in many stores around Northern California. Heads of lettuce wilted significantly in the extended heatwave the week of June 9, with some parts of the Salinas region hitting triple-digit temperatures. As KSBW reports after talking with local farmers, the heat left 20 to 30 percent of the lettuce crop unusable, which has meant that many big-name buyers from…

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South African navel crop down by 2.5 million cartons


Across the country the navel harvest has had a slow start and the industry is seeing bigger fruit (up to 60% of count 64 and larger) and a smaller crop. A poor start to the navel season could have a ripple effect on Valencias. The navel export estimate from the start of the season has been revised downwards by 2.4 million cartons, from 26.8 million to 24.5 million 15kg equivalent cartons on navels and also a downward adjustment on Valencias,…

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Tariffs Create Cherry Gap in China


Who will replace the US as top Northern Hemisphere cherry supplier to China, asks Fruta Cloud in a recent report he US-China trade war is creating exciting market opportunities for new cherry suppliers arriving in China – providing they export good quality, according to Shanghai-based online B2B fruit supplier Fruta Cloud. In a report this week on the China cherry market, Fruta Cloud said the recent high tariffs slapped on US fruit was leaving a gap in the Chinese market…

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Century of Produce: Anything is Possible in Produce’s Future


Anything is Possible in Produce’s FutureBy Mike Glynn “While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans I live for the future,” former president Ronald Reagan once said. And so, it seems reasonable that, after an exhaustive study of 100 years of produce, we look in the other direction and squint at the industry’s horizon. Unfortunately, prognosticating is a practice fraught with failures. Remember the high expectations for Metrication, Unitization and Modularization, better known as Project MUM? Remember growers’…

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