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‘Acute’ Pallet Shortages Putting Fresh Produce Supply At Risk


Severe pallet shortages are inflicting a widespread effect on the produce industry — including the availability of produce to consumers. The shortages are "acute," according to United Fresh Produce Association’s letter to the industry in a news release. The association detailed a multitude of issues that are impacting pallet availability, including: “The lack of pallets is adding stress to a supply chain that is already facing significant challenges, which include a lack of available trucks and shipping containers, ongoing labor challenges,…

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‘Pandemonium And Disruption” – A Boost For Air Freight From ‘Ever Stuck’


Air, sea-air and rail freight demand is expected to rise significantly on Asia-Europe lanes as shippers try to avoid the chaos from the blocking of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given. “Increased air freight demand is almost unavoidable,” said one European forwarder. “Even if the vessel was salvaged today there would be consequences and impact – air and sea-air will become more prevalent.” But, he added: “Shippers will try to use rail to catch up time – but this is…

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The Netherlands: Grape market is under pressure due to large supply in a short period of time.The large supply of grapes on the European market at the moment is making their sales difficult. "South Africa shipped large volumes of white seedless grapes quite late. Normally, late varieties such as the Regal and Sundance arrive in February, but this time they arrived in March. Also, South Africa has planted a lot of new varieties, such as the Sweet Globe and Autumn…

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After a year of high demand for oranges, fueled by the coronavirus, 2021 has started with slightly less positive market conditions. Prices are under pressure due to the high volumes on the market. Besides Spanish, there are also Turkish, Egyptian and Moroccan oranges on the market. The first oranges have been harvested in the Southern Hemisphere and larger volumes are expected in the coming months. In South Africa there have been some problems with the weather, but in general, normal…

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California Port Pileup Leaves Old Records In The Dust


Latest crisis both lengthier and more extreme than prior congestion Labor unrest at West Coast ports in 2015 was a landmark event for U.S. importers. Massive congestion amid contentious contract negotiations with the dockworkers union convinced some importers to shift business to East and Gulf Coast ports and diversify supply chains. But despite its lasting impact, what happened in 2015 pales in comparison to what’s unfolding at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in 2021. Data on the number…

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