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Chile And Peru Cherries, Grapes And Blueberry January 2023 Market Feedback


Chilean and Peruvian cherries, blueberries and table grapes have done well in key markets of China, the US and Europe during January 2023. The Chinese Golden week during week 4 was indeed golden for the Chilean cherry industry with a record 415 289 tons equivalent to over 82 million boxes delivered during January 2023.   According to market specialists iQonsulting, Isabel Quiroz and colleague Camila Miranda after the Chinese New Year, the market is usually slow due to the 2…

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Alejandro Fuentes, President Of Agap, “Peruvians Need To Have Peace, They Have To Go Back To Work”


Tomorrow will mark two months of a deep political crises in Peru with the fresh produce export sector calling for peace. Leading the call for peace on behalf of Peru’s table grapes, blueberry, mango, avocado, exotic and other fresh fruit and vegetable export industries is Alejandro Fuentes, President of the Association of Agrarian Producers Guilds of Peru (Agap). “Peruvians need to have peace, in some areas they have to go back to work. Over the past three years, there has…

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USDA Estimates All Citrus Categories Down For 2022-23


A recent report by the USDA is estimating that global citrus production will decrease in 2023. Orange production is estimated 5% lower to 47.5 million tons as lower yields in the European Union and the U.S. is only partially offset by a larger crop in Egypt. The advance of citrus greening disease in large growing regions, along with high winds from hurricanes, have severely impacted cultivars in Florida. Regarding lemons and limes, global production is forecast down 7% to 9.3 million…

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Mexico Offers Potential To Grow Date Industry


Medjool dates are known to be grown in the Middle East and Africa, but the Bard Valley region in the United States is a well-known sweet spot for Medjools as well. However, more recently production into Mexico has witnessed an expansion. “In Mexico’s Sonora desert, the climate and growing conditions are similar to the US Bard Valley region,” says Rob Borley with AMS Export. “Lower labor costs offer a significant competitive advantage and have allowed the Sonora region to create…

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Peruvian Grapes Rolling, Despite Outside Distractions


All USDA and Peruvian statistics show increased Peruvian table grape export volumes for the U.S. this season. On Jan. 24, Adam Formica, head of research for Sensonomic, shares with FreshFruitPortal.com the USDA estimate is that Peru will export 71 million cases of grapes this season. Provid, the Peruvian grape association is putting out an estimate of 73 million. Formica says those numbers may indicate that, despite Peruvian domestic violence, there has ultimately been little trade disruption. Or, he offers, it may…

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