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California Strawberry Commission Shares Update On Devastation From River Flooding


“For the farms that were flooded, this catastrophe hit at the worst possible time. Farmers had borrowed money to prepare the fields and were weeks away from beginning to harvest," California Strawberry Commission President Rick Tomlinson said in a statement. California Strawberry Commission President Rick Tomlinson has issued a statement about recent flooding in areas around the Pajaro and Salinas Rivers.  The commission represents over 300 strawberry farmers, shippers and processors in the Golden State. In response to the extreme…

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Port Congestion Returning To Pre-Covid Normal In Southern California


The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Tuesday reported no ships waiting offshore, according to Hellenic Shipping News. The outlet reported that this is the first time since October 2020 that the queue goes to zero. “The container-ship backup for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has ended,” declared Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, in a statement to the media. “It is time to move into a different phase of operations.”…

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Atmospheric River Storms Cause Further Flood Threats In California


A new atmospheric river storm is expected to bring more flooding throughout the coast of California and the Central Valley, with further risk of overtopping creeks, rivers, and streams. This comes just days after another storm caused a levee rupture in the Pajaro River, flooding an entire town. In Monterrey county, more than 8,500 residents were evacuated, including thousands of Latino farmworkers in a community known for its strawberry crops, after the Pajaro River swelled with runoff from last week's storm. …

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Market Minute: Western Weather To Affect Salinas Valley Transition


Weather has been a nasty drawback for crops in some California farming areas. The snowpack alone in the central and southern Nevada mountains is double the normal amount for the year. There is so much accumulated snow that it has caused power failures throughout California mountain neighborhoods, collapsed building roofs, stranded vehicles and closed roads. We talked to some Salinas, CA, growers and shippers about the status of product and were given some vital information in looking ahead. The middle…

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According To The Latest Estimate, Chilean Grape Exports Will Decrease By 13.2% This Season


As a result of the lower volume of table grapes available in the central area of the country, the Table Grape Committee of the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) decided to carry out a sixth forecast of the season. According to this new forecast, the country will export 64,518,065 standard boxes of 8.2 kilos, i.e. 13.2% less than in the previous season and 4% less than estimated in the fifth forecast made less than a month ago.…

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