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California Assures Promotable Table Grape Supplies Through December


The California Table Grape Commission has assured that there will be promotable suppliesof fruit through December this year.Harvesting is continuing in the San Joaquin Valley, moving steadily toward its conclusion atthe end of the year.The Commission recently revised its production forecast down, now expecting a crop of104.9m 19-pound boxes, down from its April estimate of 106.5m . The final harvest in 2019was 105m 19-pound boxes.“Fall is a beautiful time of year to harvest grapes in California,” said Nave. “The vineyardsare…

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California Lettuce, Leaf Prices Keep Rising


Prices on many leaf and lettuce items from the Salinas, CA, area keep rising for a variety of reasons from bad weather to soil diseases to strong demand. According to USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, F.O.B.s from Salinas Oct. 15 were in the high $20s for film-wrapped cartons of 24s of iceberg lettuce, and romaine was in the low $40s for cartons of 24s. According to foodservice cooperative Markon BB #:123315, the situation should continue through the rest of October. “Green leaf…

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In week 42, the blueberry market is mainly dominated by Mexico, Peru and South Africa. Peruvian blueberries in particular are available in all continents. The first shipments are arriving in China again, and now that the European and North American seasons are coming to an end, the blueberries from the South American country are taking over. Something remarkable, however, is that more South American markets are entering the world market with force. In Australia, prices have fallen sharply due to…

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In week 40, the export of Peruvian avocados is falling and the end of the season is also in sight for countries such as South Africa, Kenya and the US (California). The market is now shifting to other producing countries, such as Colombia, Spain, Italy and the undisputed powerhouse in avocado production: Mexico. The European market is currently tight, so the price has risen. This is especially true for the small and medium sizes. However, prices are still below those…

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Pricing Soars On Iceberg Lettuce


Prices have spiked on California iceberg lettuce. “The supply of iceberg is low at the moment industry wide. Yields are lower than normal this time of year due to disease issues,” says Pete Georgalos, Sales for D’Arrigo California. “We’ve also been through a couple of long heat waves this summer.” Currently, supplies are coming out of the Salinas Valley, CA. “Canada has lettuce but supplies are winding down there. Iceberg lettuce out of Huron, CA start in mid to late…

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