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The start of the stone fruit season is around the corner in the Mediterranean. Spain continues to increase its stone fruit volumes and thus dominates the market in Europe. A good harvest is also expected in Greece, with rising export volumes to Europe and the Middle East. In Italy, the season has been more dramatic for apricots and nectarines due to heavy rainfall in recent weeks, which has caused a lot of the harvest to be lost. In South Africa,…

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Church Brothers Farms’ John Patullo Discusses Spring Transition


SALINAS, CA - This winter and spring saw growers in California and the Southwest exposed to adverse weather conditions, challenging even the most adept farming operations. But with the late spring and summer season on the horizon, things are shaping up nicely for Church Brothers/True Leaf Farms. I recently had the opportunity to speak with John Patullo, Grower, Church Brothers Farms, to learn more about where the company is in the season and what retail and foodservice partners can expect as 2019 progresses. As a grower…

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California farmers report climbing scarcity of employees


It’s a pressing concern—and an increasing one at that—for California farmers: farm worker scarcity. And according to a new study, Still Searching for Solutions: Adapting to Farm Worker Scarcity Survey 2019 from the California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) and UC Davis, the problem shows no sign of letting up. Shortage of help The study, a voluntary survey of 1,071 farmers and ranchers conducted in early 2019, reveals that 56 percent of participating farmers had been unable to hire all the employees they needed…

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California stone fruit sees slow start to season


Production of California’s stone fruit is slow to start due to the unseasonable California weather. “Any commodity buyer knows that it’s been a weather-filled last few weeks. It’s not just the rain itself but the overall lower temperatures have slowed down the volume of stone fruit right out of the gate,” says Jon McClarty of HMC Farms in Kingsburg, Ca., who adds that the stone fruit is currently coming mostly out of the Central California region. McClarty adds that plums…

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Hot weather anticipated to ignite Mexican table grape season


With temperatures finally due to approach the 100 degree mark in the Mexican growing regions this week, table grape suppliers are anticipating shipments over the border to dramatically increase. Cooler weather has persisted all spring in Hermosillo and Caborca and as a result, growers have reported a lack of sugar and color development. Shipments on all varieties have been slow but that is expected to change within the week. Sources indicate that with such a heavy-set hanging, growers have been…

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