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US Inventory Levels Remain Low


According to the latest Sea-Intelligence data, US inventory levels are at the lowest in the 28 years of data collection, even after an extended period where demand in the US has outstripped all expectations. According to Alan Murphy, CEO at Sea-Intelligence, if inventories were to return to pre-pandemic levels, and growth were to return to ‘normal trends’ then the effect on the container shipping industry would be that the whole of 2021 would see growth in the industry compared to…

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War Of Words Escalates As Exporters Scramble For Scarce Containers


US regulators under pressure to intervene on behalf of exporters A war of words is heating up over U.S. exports, particularly food exports — and the outcome of that clash could affect U.S. containerized imports as well. Reports first surfaced in late October that carriers were rushing containers back empty from California to Asia to serve lucrative headhaul trades instead of loading U.S. export cargoes. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Chairman Michael Khouri warned in December: “We are looking into all…

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The global onion market is stable at the moment. Last year's harvest was good in Europe and North America, but disappointing in India and China. This resulted in a new export ban on Indian onions until January 1 and on China's shipments falling significantly because of reduced planting and bad weather. There was a shift in the demand from large sizes, mainly demanded by the food service, to the small and medium sizes that are usually demanded by retailers. This…

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Yuma County, Arizona, Becomes Fertile Ground for Covid-19


YUMA, Ariz. — The Rev. Emilio Chapa was delivering a homily on a recent Sunday when he paused to lament a sight that had shaken him as he entered the sacristy before Mass. © Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times Each winter, Yuma County’s population swells by 100,000 people, to more than 300,000, as field workers descend on the farms and snowbirds from the Midwest pull into R.V. parks. The board where his staff posted requests for funeral services was…

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Plans For Tighter Covid Restrictions In Hong Kong Threaten Airfreight Xref To KLM


One of the most important global airfreight gateways is facing the spectre of tighter measures that could have a profound impact on cargo capacity. According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong government is looking to implement measures next week that include a mandatory 14-day quarantine for airline crews. This would apply to those on passenger and freighter aircraft returning to the territory after an international layover – so far they have been exempt from quarantine…

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