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We feel it’s very important to not only have a great understanding for our current market and country, but to maintain a worldly viewpoint and full understanding of all other markets and their effects on the fresh produce export/import industry. Please stay connected and informed through our news channel.

Chaos on the border between Mexico and the US


Yesterday, FreshPlaza published an editorial on waiting times at the Mexico-US border. This article from El Financiero talks more about waiting times. The northern border is not closed, but it is already a mess for the trucks that transport goods from Mexico to the United States, clogging the traffic in some of the busiest border crossings in the world.   Following Donald Trump's threats of a border closure, Mexican companies are rushing to send as much merchandise as possible to the United…

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Transport strike affects Argentina’s lemon exports


A stoppage by transporters in Tucuman - for an indefinite period of time and in support of an improvement in freight rates - is affecting the start of the lemon export campaign: a business that in 2018 achieved an income of 1 billion dollars.   It is the main economic activity in the area and 40 to 45 thousand workers depend on it. The protest, which began last on Wednesday April 3, is being carried out by the Cargo Carriers Association…

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Due to erratic weather on the East and West Coast, prices have skyrocketed as the demand for celery increases


SALINAS, CA - As far as the spotlight goes, this should be a high time for celery, which is branching out from its reputation as a vehicle for peanut butter and cream cheese. Low supplies and uncharacteristically high demand, however, has created the perfect storm for a tight market. Sammy Duda, among the fourth generation to help lead Duda Fresh Farms, took some time to walk me through the current climate.   “Supply is significantly short due to the amount of volume…

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Rain delays Santa Maria’s vegetable, strawberry deals


Plentiful rain over the winter quenched thirsty fields across California, but will delay fruit and vegetable supplies out of Santa Maria during the spring season.   The winter precipitation altered planting schedules for the numerous spring vegetables Durant Distributing Inc. grows on 2,500 acres in Santa Maria, said Tom Cline, sales manager for the company. Durant’s major commodities are broccoli, cauliflower and celery.   The company wasn’t able to plant some items on schedule, and crops didn’t grow as fast…

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All eyes in the kiwifruit sector are now on the southern hemisphere, which is now slowly taking over the world market. The first New Zealand kiwis are already at sea. European and North American traders look back on a predominantly positive season, with Italy as a major exception. The kiwifruit sector has had a difficult month there. The French sector also suffered a blow last month, when it turned out that some of the kiwis sold as French were actually…

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