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In mid-September, India imposed an export ban on its onions, which immediately resulted in a higher demand for Dutch, Spanish, Egyptian, Turkish and Chinese onions in Asia and the Middle East. This was especially good news for the Netherlands, as it could prevent the oversupply of red onions this year. Furthermore, the new harvest in Europe and the northwestern states of the US is characterized by the lack of thick sizes, which is creating opportunities for other production countries, such…

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Bad Air Quality From California Fires Causes Labor Challenges


It is fire season in California, and this season, though it has only just begun, has been a heavy one. As of September 21st, 2020, over 19,000 frontline firefighters are battling 27 major fires in the state, according to Cal Fire. So far this year, there have been over 7,900 fires total, with over 3.6 million acres being burned. Currently, a lot of the fire activity is occurring in the northern part of the state, and many growers throughout the state…

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North American Growers Adjusting Apple Volume Estimates


While it’s still early in the fall 2020 crop, apple supplies look to be very similar, if not slightly lower in volume, than 2019’s levels. EAST COASTPennsylvania saw spring frost that’s reduced the crop. “I’d estimate it’s about 75 percent of the crop. Size is an unknown too. It appears to be smaller fruit than normal, though some fruit is starting to size up,” says Sandy Cohen of Cohen Produce Marketing in Camp Hill, PA. He adds that while the…

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When it comes to top fruit, the southern hemisphere is currently passing the baton to the north. The transition in trade is expected to be smooth, without many major problems. In most of the countries where the apple harvest is just starting there has been a reduction in the production. This is mostly due to sunburn, spring frosts, hail and storms. Most of the increases in terms of volume are due to expansion. Prices have gone up and remain strong…

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US: Wildfires And High Winds Lead To Reduction Of Apple Harvest


In early August, the first estimate for the Washington apple crop predicted a crop volume of 134 million boxes (40 lb.), on par with the previous season of 133 million boxes. Since the time of the initial estimate, extreme windstorms, wildfires on the West Coast, and more accurate reporting of crop load on the trees as harvest progressed, suggest a lighter total crop volume for the 2020-21 apple harvest. Over Labor Day weekend, a strong windstorm resulted in apples being…

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