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Rain delays Santa Maria’s vegetable, strawberry deals


Plentiful rain over the winter quenched thirsty fields across California, but will delay fruit and vegetable supplies out of Santa Maria during the spring season.   The winter precipitation altered planting schedules for the numerous spring vegetables Durant Distributing Inc. grows on 2,500 acres in Santa Maria, said Tom Cline, sales manager for the company. Durant’s major commodities are broccoli, cauliflower and celery.   The company wasn’t able to plant some items on schedule, and crops didn’t grow as fast…

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All eyes in the kiwifruit sector are now on the southern hemisphere, which is now slowly taking over the world market. The first New Zealand kiwis are already at sea. European and North American traders look back on a predominantly positive season, with Italy as a major exception. The kiwifruit sector has had a difficult month there. The French sector also suffered a blow last month, when it turned out that some of the kiwis sold as French were actually…

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Market update for berries


California strawberry production has been hampered since the beginning of the season by cool temperatures and sporadic winter showers. Fair weather has held over the last week and looks to continue with clear skies in the forecast for both Oxnard and Santa Maria. As the industry begins to shift into full production, Oxnard will be the primary shipping location followed by Baja California. Overall pack-outs are down nearly three million flats in comparison to last year, which has kept FOB…

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California avocado growers optimistic of exporting to China soon


Tom Bellamore, president of the Industry Affairs for the California's Avocado Commission (CAGC), has stated that for Californian avocado growers, China holds a lot of appeal as an export destination due to the strength of its economy and the size of its population,   Foodwise, the meaty green California avocado has become as iconic a symbol of the fresh quality of California's homegrown products as the state's fine wines and wrinkled raisins. About 3,000 growers, many of whom are multi-generational…

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California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement


Growers in the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement will soon be sanitizing “open-source” water used on their crops, which has been the focus of at least two recent E. coli outbreaks traced to leafy greens.   Scott Horsfall, the group’s CEO, said the new water treatment rules could be implemented as early as late April, or as late as mid-May. It’s the latest change in how the industry grows lettuces, herbs and other leafy greens in the wake of three…

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