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These are exciting times on the tomato market. Many countries are currently in the transition period between the import and export seasons. In the meantime, the spread of the ToBRFV virus is being monitored worldwide. Various cases have already been reported in Europe and it is still unclear whether eradication of the virus is possible. The US Department of Commerce has announced a withdrawal from the Tomato Suspension Agreement. This could have major financial consequences for Mexican tomato growers.  …

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Good growing weather bodes well for tree fruits


Weather across the country appears to have been favorable so far for this year's tree fruit crops, with seasons' arrivals being slightly delayed.   Industry representatives describe their impressions of this season and recommendations for promoting tree fruit at retail.   2019 Outlook Valhalla Sales & Marketing Inc., Kingsburg, California, grows 80% of its peaches, plums and nectarines within 60 miles of the Kingsburg area.   For the 2019 season, David Stone, president and CEO of the company, says as…

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Large Pacific Northwest pear crop results in softer market


A large crop last season means that there is still ample pear volume coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Combined with the slow start in fall, the market is seeing softer prices compared with the previous few years. "We have more volume than at this time last year," noted Ed Weathers of Duckwall Fruit. "This is mainly due to the larger crop the Northwest produced last season. Additionally, sales began slowly last fall and we have been playing catch up…

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Spring artichoke supply closely matches Holiday pull


Supplies of spring artichokes from California are solid right now.   “We are currently harvesting spring artichokes from Castroville, Ca. All the production is in Castroville which is the Artichoke Center of the World,” says Philip Barrientos, commodity account manager for Ocean Mist Farms which is also based in Castroville. Barrientos notes that supplies of the vegetable are mostly in the large sizes of 12 and 18 and then will move into smaller sizes as the season progresses.   “Last…

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Grape growers welcome high temperatures High California desert temperatures speed up lettuce transition to Salinas


Temperatures in the Coachella and Yuma areas peaked in the upper 90s early this week, serving as a reminder that summer is around the corner. High winds also accompanied the higher temperatures and were felt throughout California. No damage was reported from the windy conditions, but the high temperatures certainly had an effect on produce.   For grape growers in the Coachella district, the heat was very much welcomed, given the overall cool winter which resulted in minimal warmth in…

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