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Empty Container Problem Intensifies, Reports Sea-Intelligence


Sea-Intelligence revisited its analysis of the eventual normalisation of supply chains and the potential impact on empty container flows. The underlying data for this model comes from the Flexport Ocean Timeliness Indicator (OTI) data, which measures the time it takes from when the cargo is ready at the exporter to the importer's delivery. "Pre-pandemic, the transportation time was 45 days on average, peaking at a transportation time of 112 days in February 2022, which has since been reduced to 88…

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Los Angeles Port Receives US$20 Million Grant To Improve Cargo Flow


The Port of Los Angeles (POLA) has received a US$20 million federal RAISE infrastructure grant for a critical road-railway grade separation project to facilitate faster cargo movement. The Californian port said the new roadway configuration will streamline truck access to an important container and chassis-access facility on the Port’s Terminal Island, reducing traffic delays, truck dwell times and greenhouse gas emissions from idling vehicles. US Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg said, “We are delighted to formally celebrate the award of US$20…

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Peruvian Grape And Blueberry Exports To Exceed $1 Billion


Peruvian agricultural exports are expected to reach $9.7 billion this year, an increase of almost 10 percent when compared to last year, according Agraria, using data from the Association of Agricultural Produces Guilds of Peru (AGAP). Gabriel Amaro, executive director of AGAP, said in the category of fruits and vegetables, exports will go from $4.97 billion last year to $5.4 billion this year. With grape and blueberry exports continuing to be at the top once again exceeding $1 billion, while…

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As a staple fruit, apples remain ever popular in households worldwide. Many production areas, however, have been affected by unusual weather conditions during the growing season this year. In the UK, recent warm weather pushed the season forward by more than week for some varieties, whilst the same heat in France and Italy has caused a drop in production in these countries. The frosty spell in the spring in Spain and Serbia has also caused losses, whilst in North America…

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Washington Pear Harvest Sees Later Start To Season


Like apples in Washington, pear harvest is also delayed. “We’re just getting rolling. Typically we would have been going for a couple of weeks. But with the springtime cold weather, everything is delayed,” says Dan Davis with Starr Ranch Growers. “So supplies of pears are a little tight to start.” However, the transition from California pear production to Washington looks to be a smooth one. “They’ve pushed through their product relatively quickly and we’ll get into ours right about the…

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