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Lemon supplies are currently on the rise in most countries. Lemons are an inelastic product. This means this year's demand is fairly similar to that of last year. Lemon prices have dropped significantly because of this. Argentina is, currently, the most distinctive lemon production country. This country has increased its exports to both the United States and Europe. This increased volume is putting pressure on the Spanish lemons that are on the market. Russia is currently importing lemons from China.…

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Broccoli contains cancer-inhibiting compound


More research reveals hidden molecule in broccoli which scientists found prevents tumour growth Brassica vegetables possess a cancer-inhibiting molecule, according to new research by US scientists. A team at Harvard Medical School revealed in the journal Science that leafy greens such as broccoli, cabbage and collard greens contain a molecule that inactivates a gene known to play a role in several common cancers. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, professor of Medicine at Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Centre, and his colleagues showed how targeting the…

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Blueberry cultivation is relatively new worldwide. The global demand for the product continues to grow, mainly due to the healthy properties attributed to the fruit. The price for blueberries is therefore high and that is also the reason why many countries see potential in the crop. Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Peru in particular are strongly expanding their blueberry plantations. In fact, Peru has the ambition to become the largest producer of blueberries worldwide. In Spain, however, there are concerns…

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Delayed NW cherry season presents challenges


After an anticipated later and lighter start, volumes are forecast to ramp up in July, with growers relying on export markets Northwest Cherry Growers’ first crop forecast for the season – released today – projects production at 24.9m cartons (9.1kg equivalents), or 249,152 tonnes. This volume represents a slight decline on last year’s total. Predictions point to relatively light supplies in June compared followed by heavy production during July.  Northwest growers have traditionally relied on export markets for absorbing their…

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California’s cherry season in jeopardy


Cherry growers in California's Central Valley are very concerned for their crops as forecast storms and cooler weather began impacting the region overnight. A winter weather advisory was issued by the National Weather Service declaring that areas above 5000ft could expect up to 2ft of snow. But it's the heavy rain in the Valley that has cherry growers worried. Just a couple of weeks ago, hopes were high that California could produce a record cherry crop this year, however these…

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