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Third-party Quality Inspection Agencies Help Chinese Importers Ensure Fruit Quality


Only 5 or 6 years ago, imported fruits were still very rare in the China market. Now, as a lot more items have gained access, a variety of fresh fruit imported from across the globe can be found everywhere. With the rapid growth of imports, importers and consumers in China are increasingly demanding in terms of quality. More and more importers are now controlling quality and reducing possible quality-related risks by working with third-party commodity inspection agencies after establishing work…

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Almond Harvest in California Mostly Finished


There is only a couple of weeks remaining for the almond harvest in California. Growers say the majority of the initial crop has been harvested - the Nonpariel varieties that make up much of the volume. For the most part, growers are half way through harvesting their second crop - the pollinators - and this should be completed by the end of September. "We have just finished our first crop and are half way through our second," said Justin Diener…

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California Lettuce Season Ahead of Schedule


Salinas and Santa Maria continue to produce steady volumes of lettuce. These regions will continue to supply much of the California lettuce volume until the desert season which starts later this year. Growers say warmer than usual weather has caused the crop to creep ahead of schedule and questions are starting to be asked about what will happen towards the end of the Salinas and Santa Maria seasons. "Both Salinas and Santa Maria are still in full production," noted Mark…

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Washington apple harvest moving on to mid-season varieties


A late bloom has delayed the Washington apple season. Although harvest is well underway, most varieties are reportedly running behind schedule in the order of 7 - 10 days. A cool spring is to blame for the delayed bloom and subsequent harvest. Currently, growers have just about wrapped up harvest of early season Galas and are about to start on some of the mid-season varieties. "We began picking a few early season apples like Gala and Honey Crisp in mid…

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Spain counts cost of devastating storms


Heavy storms in south-eastern Spain have caused extensive losses to fruit and vegetable production and severely damaged infrastructure across the region. Six people died and thousands had to be evacuated following last week’s gota fría (cold drop), the weather phenomenon which brings heavy rains during the autumn, which is believed to have been the most severe for more than 100 years. Grower unions are calling for the government to declare the worst affected areas a Catastrophic Zone. Although it is…

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