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We feel it’s very important to not only have a great understanding for our current market and country, but to maintain a worldly viewpoint and full understanding of all other markets and their effects on the fresh produce export/import industry. Please stay connected and informed through our news channel.

Overview Global Mango Market


The global mango market is currently in a transitional period. Mexico is finishing earlier due to excessive rainfall at the end of the season and Senegal also saw its campaign ending abruptly. Brazil has been on the market for a few weeks and is likely to become the most important exporter of mangoes in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Israel is supplying the usual volumes, mainly to the European market. Since the stocks are limited at the moment and…

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Colombia Poised for Blues Explosion


Colombia is aiming to position itself among the top ten leading blueberry exporters in the world, according to trade promotion body ProColombia. The country is looking fill the windows between the Chilean and the US harvests. “We are building a strategy so that the country can take advantage of the full potential of this fruit, which is increasingly in demand in markets such as the US and in the European Union where there is access and tariff advantages for Colombia,”…

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Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 Wraps Up: “Stand holders have been happy with the results”


The third and final day of Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 has passed, and overall, the stand holders have been happy with the results. The traffic was noticeably lower than it has been in previous years, but it was much better than expected. At the same time, some of stand holders feel that closing the exhibition 2 hours early was a waste of the day, and they would have rather had the full day. The Turks feel the exhibition has been…

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California Down on Last Year’s Table Grape Volume


The after-effects of the spring rains and an extreme heat spell during summer are being felt by California grape growers. Suppliers say the industry has already adjusted the projected volume down twice, with a view that perhaps there are more reductions to come. Overall, growers maintain that quality and condition remain very good but total volume is down from last year. "According to the most recent USDA data, California table grape growers are shipping between 630k – 750k boxes per…

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Overview Global Blueberry Market


The harvest of the last marketable blueberries is underway in Europe and North America. In Europe, Poland is the largest player and expects its acreage to continue expanding in the coming years. After the harvest is completed, traders will switch to the production from South America. In September, the first Peruvian blueberries will arrive in the ports of the United States. Another country that benefits from the market gap is South Africa. Before Chile takes over the market, South Africa…

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